Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Management of Service Operations

  • MBA Elective
  • Winter 2024 : 2 Sections


Boston University Questrom School of Business

Operations Management 725

  • Required Course, Full-Time MBA Program
  • Spr 2023: 3 In-person Sections (Enrollment: 154)

Operations Management 726

  • Required Course, PT/Evening MBA Program
  • Spr 2022: 2 Sections (Remote, In-person); Enrollment 79; Ratings: 4.18 & 4.55 (of 5)
  • Fall 2021: 1 In-person Section; Enrollment 46; Rating: 4.33 (of 5)
  • Spr 2021: 2 Hybrid Sections; Enrollment 93; Ratings: 4.16 & 4.35 (of 5)



Harvard University

  • Harvard Business School. Business Fundamentals Online Course, Financial Accounting Teaching Fellow, Summer 2020
  • Harvard Business School. MBA, Required Curriculum Technology & Operations Management Teaching Fellow, Fall 2014 & 2015



Student Comments:

“Professor Kinch is an amazing addition to Questrom. She truly cares about her students learning the content, and offers support to the class as a whole and one on one. This is not an easy topic, but she made the course interesting, less intimidating and manageable while still challenging us. She was very detailed, organized and fully prepared for her lectures. I hope she begins to teach other courses at Questrom, I would sign up immediately!”

“I really enjoyed this class. The material was unique, delving into aspects of operations I had not considered before, and had practical business applications. The workload was very manageable. Professor Kinch was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and fun, and I appreciated her positive and encouraging style that helped draw people into the conversation when she was leading class discussions. Also I was impressed by her receptiveness to student feedback, implementing many requests and suggestions right away while also building on her strengths.”

“OM 726 was a very interesting class. The subject matter was presented in a way that encouraged open discussion, allowed all students to have a voice and share their opinions. Professor Kinch was a voice I trusted as an expert in her field. She solicited feedback from our class and truly valued it. I truly appreciate her chats during office hours and have learned valuable life lessons from her.”

“Professor Kinch is a phenomenal teacher! OM726 was a course that will be very useful to my career and those of my colleagues. Professor Kinch taught the course in a way that really reinforced the material and engaged students. Professor Kinch was always available outside of class, was responsive and timely on all student questions and concerns, and was an A+ professor all around. I really enjoyed this class and it was one of my favorites at Questrom. The mix of quantitative analysis and qualitative discussions will be very useful for the rest of my time at Questrom and in the business world. Thank you Professor Kinch and I look forward to taking additional classes with you in the future! I highly recommend this class and professor.”

“Professor Kinch is one of the best professors I have had in my degree so far. If I could give her a rating above a 5 for caring for her students and commitment to her teaching, I would! Prof. Kinch is extremely knowledgable on course material and is willing to change her teaching and structure of the class according to student needs (which has not been true with other professors I’ve had at Questrom). She does a great job bringing humor and fun to the classroom, while also making sure that she covers all her material for the class. She dives into the ideas that students bring up and has never made me feel like my input is not important to the class discussion. After some of us did not do so great on the midterm, Prof. Kinch sent out one of the most caring and compassionate emails I have ever received from a professor. She also went above and beyond to make sure her students understood the material on the midterm (taking time after normal hours, staying on Zoom calls longer than anticipated, etc.) and returned graded work very quickly. She is truly a passionate and compassionate professor and person. I hope this review shows the glowing reviews I have for Prof. Kinch!”